Making Simba come alive!

In Tanzanian schools teaching tends to be very much focussed on academic subjects. There are few opportunities – and resources – for the children to experience arts, craft, music and more creative activities. This was why, when we were discussing with our three volunteers at Arise Primary School prior to their departure how they might best contribute in the classroom, we agreed with them that they would focus on the more creative aspects. Beth, Tamsin and Emily worked hard to fundraise to buy resources and materials to use with the children. In the last few weeks, they have had many new learning experiences and fun in the classroom like never before! This week, Emily writes about the “lion” masks the children have been making.



“So, our mission to make the children into the next Picasso’s is going well. Today Middle Class have made ‘lion’ masks with paper plates, crayons and tissue paper. This came after our music lessons with the school’s new percussion set which we fundraised for and brought with us. Middle class’ favourite song is “the lion sleeps tonight” from the lion king! So as you can imagine the children were very excited to be able to become Simba for the day – there were roars around the classroom throughout the lesson!




Following the lesson, the children took their masks out to break time causing a lot of jealousy in the playground from the other children, so it looks like this afternoon we will be creating a school full of lions!!”



N.B. Those of you who have seen the film or play “The Lion King” knows simba the lion hero but did you know that simba means lion in Swahili?


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