Enjoying So Many New and Creative Experiences!


Last week’s blog, written by Emily, one of our three volunteers at Arise School, focussed on the creative activities the volunteers have been undertaking with the children whilst at the school. For all of the pupils, this would be their first opportunity to experience things like art, craft and music. They have even opened a makeshift library at break time to help the children with their reading. Whilst integral to teaching in the developed world, in developing countries, resources are still so scarce that these more creative aspects, including reading materials other than basic text books, barely, if at all, feature. Teaching is solely focussed on the more academic subjects.



As term finished this week, we wanted to bring you a few more of the wonderful photos we have received over past weeks of the children enjoying the activities and having so much fun. This activity has all been made possible by the volunteers’ efforts to raise money to take resources out with them and, so importantly, their energy, effort and enthusiasm whilst volunteering to give the children as much fun and enjoyment as possible.



Emily, Tamsin and Beth have given the Arise School pupils some unique and amazing new and creative experiences. We know, too, that they have had a wonderful time themselves. As a result of their love, care and concern throughout their stay to afford the children the best experience possible, they have contributed something very special to the school in their time there. As they break up, the children are taking away not only new learning experiences but, also, something very special that we hope will remain with them for a very long time to come.

A huge “thank you” to Emily, Tamsin and Beth for their tremendous efforts!



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