An Experience Like No Other

In recent weeks, our blogs have featured the experiences and photos from our three Newcastle University volunteers, Beth, Tamsin and Emily, who have been working at Arise School since late June. They have also been undertaking research projects in the local community. Sadly, their time in Tanzania will shortly be coming to an end. Last week, Beth sent us this message:

“Although I have a while before I fly home, we are now approaching our last week of teaching at Arise and I just wanted to say a little something…

This is us walking the children back to their homes after school.




Each day we visit the homes of the children who are sponsored through ACE to check everything is going okay and for part of our research. This task is incredibly interesting where we meet some of the most lovely people and hear some wonderful stories about the children. However, it can also often be the hardest part of the day.

This isn’t because of the very long walk when we are tired after teaching (unbelievable the distance some of these small children walk each day!). But, what is so overwhelming are some of the conditions these children live in creating the most emotionally challenging experience I have ever had. You hear stories and study poverty and you see pictures in the media, but there’s nothing like growing a strong attachment to a child and then seeing they have no water, electricity, comfort or safety to go home to each day.



This only outlines how wonderful it is that the children have Arise School to come to where they can be happy, playful, little children like they deserve to be. From my research so far, the standard of education these children are now receiving is so very high in comparison to the alternative. They now have a promising future where they have the potential to give their families a better life which they deserve. It has been lovely hearing what the school means to the local community during my research. I can’t express how happy these little children are at school who just don’t want to go home when that school bell rings.

This experience has been one like no other and I have grown to love the people here so very, very much. I feel touched to be a part of what I believe to only be the start of this exciting journey for the Arise Community and forever will they be in my heart.

I know it can be difficult deciding which charity to support but, if you are interested in helping a cause which helps the most wonderful and kind community but who are very much in need, then please follow and share the link at If you feel touched by their work and would like to donate you can be confident your money will truly make a direct difference here.”


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