Rose Queen’s Vintage Afternoon Tea Raises Money for ACE

One of our recent blogs featured 11 year old Eleanor, the current Rose Queen for St. Nicholas’ Parish Church, St. Helens. Eleanor has chosen ACE as her charity to fundraise for during her time as Rose Queen. Her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to raise money for the charity are exceptional for a young person of her age.

Electricity is taken for granted in so many countries. However, this is still not the case in much of the developing world, including Tanzania. In particular, there is still no electricity at Arise Community School. This is why Eleanor is working so hard to raise enough money to purchase electricity poles and have electricity installed at the school. Eventually, we hope that it will be possible for the school to have a computer in order that the children can develop the skills they will need to be able use computers – an absolute necessity in today’s world.



Last Saturday, with the help and support of her family and friends, Eleanor held a Vintage Afternoon Tea for over 50 people. Afternoon Tea is an old English tradition which has become very popular again in recent years. Everyone enjoyed thinly cut sandwiches – ham, cheese, tuna and cucumber – on both white and brown bread, with the crusts cut off, of course! There were also delicious scones with jam and cream, a variety of dainty cakes, home made chocolates and, for the children, some old favourites – sugar mice and chocolate lollipops. There was also a lot of tea to wash it all down with and a raffle with lots of prizes. It was a great afternoon which was very much enjoyed by all.


The Afternoon Tea was a great success and raised an amazing £300 for the charity. It was a brilliant effort on Eleanor’s part which will be added to money she has already raised towards the electricity. Very well done, Eleanor. You’re a star! We greatly appreciate all your efforts and good luck with your forthcoming fundraising events.


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