And The Roof Is On!


From our blogs you will know that the fourth classroom at Arise School was started earlier this year, made possible through donations of sand, cement and building materials from the local community. The village chairman also organised a working party of more than 30 men and women who volunteered to give up their time and work tirelessly one weekend to dig the foundations. Following this, over the weeks, they continued to build the walls.


More recently, we featured how the work was given a boost through a donation and the hands on efforts of two volunteers from the Netherlands, Jonathan and Raquel. This work was also made possible following donations from a group of medical students from Leeds University who visited the school in August whilst volunteering through the Kilimanjaro Community Support Project (KCiS). As a result, work on the classroom was continued up to the lintels.


We are delighted to announce that the roof is now on! This has been made possible by our fundraising efforts through ACE. In particular, the recent £500 donation that we received from St. Helens Rotary Club went towards this.

Money still needs to be raised to complete the classroom – plastering, painting, doors, windows and fittings. However, thanks to everyone working together, we are hopeful that this can be achieved in order for the classroom to be completed ready for the start of the new school year in January. This will make it possible for 35 more children to have the chance of an education which would otherwise not be possible.


Please help us to make this possible by donating online now. All donations go directly to the school.

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