The ACE Website – One Year On.

This time last year, our website: was launched. Having achieved charity status in July 2014, we wanted to be able to tell people about the work of Africa’s Children in Education (ACE) and to communicate progress and developments to all our donors and supporters on a regular basis. As a small charity, we also wanted to make it’s work known to a much wider audience.


Through the website, we wanted anyone who is interested to be able to read about our work and to see photos of it.  In particular, as all the donations that we receive go towards the development of our primary project, Arise Community School, the school that we are building in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, it was important to us that anyone who had donated, or was thinking of donating, was able to see where there money would go.


Blogging was new to us!  We set ourselves the task of writing a weekly blog.  Whilst it has involved a lot of effort, we are pleased to report that we have achieved this.  The blogs have also been posted on Facebook.  We hope that you have enjoyed reading them and found them interesting.


We can also report that the website has been accessed in more than 50 countries across the world.  We have a surprisingly large readership from Russia.  In fact, the readership in Russia is almost equal to that of the U.K!  However, China is still a relatively untapped market!  We know that we have a core of people who regularly read our blogs and we hope that more of you will do so.


Also, from your feedback, we know that you find the facility to donate online helpful.  MyDonate is proving a great way for donations to be made.  Unlike some other similar companies, there is no monthly or other charge to the charity apart from the debit or credit charge transaction fee.  This means that every penny of your donation goes directly to the work or development of the school.


Once again, we would like to express our very grateful appreciation to Manchester Metropolitan University for their work to create and develop the website free of charge and to host it for the initial period.  In particular, we appreciated Ash Phythian’s efforts and the excellent job he did to reflect and highlight the work of ACE.  We are also extremely grateful to Richard Foster and Nathan Blackburn of for subsequently taking over the hosting and maintenance as a donation to the charity.  Thank you, Nathan, for always being so responsive to our queries and requests. 


Thank you to all of you following us. We very much want to keep the website up to date and to reflect ACE as a modern and up to date charity. As we go into our second year, we would certainly welcome any feedback  either on the website itself or on the blogs. Please just e-mail Ron and Sue at


1 thought on “The ACE Website – One Year On.

  1. sue woodcock

    congratulations on your !st year of blogs etc… difficult to maintain to such a high standard,,,,,,well done…sue x x



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