Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas


Our Christmas Day blog is inspired by Brooke, a pupil from Cronton Church of England Primary School. The children at the school have undertaken numerous fundraising initiatives for ACE and the school has supported us tremendously throughout the whole of 2015.


Aware of our “Buy a Breakfast” Christmas Appeal, 6 year old Brooke asked her Mum if she could buy a breakfast as a present for a child at Arise Community School. Brooke used her own money for this that she had been saving to use for something special. It was a totally unprompted and extremely generous gesture that we know will be the best Christmas present they will have. Brooke also wrote a prayer for the children which we have reproduced below.


We were able to present Brooke with her Breakfast Gift Certificate when we were in Cronton School last week. Thank you so much, Brooke, for being so very kindhearted and for thinking of the children in Tanzania at this festive time – a time when it is so very easy to take for granted all the presents, food and drink that so many of us have. It was such a lovely thing to do. We hope that all your Christmas wishes come true.


On behalf of our ACE Management Committee, we wish all our supporters and followers a very Happy Christmas. We hope that you and your families enjoy the holiday season.

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