Arise Community School Welcomes New Teaching Staff



Arise School opened in January 2013 with one teacher. There are now seven members on the teaching staff – a Teaching Head, and six teachers, one of whom is Assistant to the Head. The staff are sometimes supported by students from local colleges on teaching placements and by volunteers, both local and visiting from overseas.

A new appointment in January was that of the Teaching Head. Prior to this, one of the teachers had assumed some additional supervisory responsibilities. However, with the rapid growth in the number of children and the importance of ensuring that the educational standards meet and surpass national requirements, it was agreed that the School Management Committee should interview for a Teaching Head.


Mr. Elvis Munisi was appointed to the post. He has 35 years’ teaching experience, including as a Headteacher in an established school in a local township. As well as taking on overall responsibility for the educational aspects of the school, he will also assume certain teaching duties in the classroom. This appointment comes at a critical time as it is hoped that the school will be officially registered with the Ministry of Education very soon. The registration process, inevitably a lengthy and somewhat bureaucratic one, has been ongoing since the school first opened.



Mr. Munisi will be assisted by another new teacher, Anna Ndossi, who also joined the staff this January. Anna has been teaching for 15 years and brings valuable experience to the staff group. Together, these two new appointments will provide educational leadership and management for the school as it increases in numbers and, in particular, as the older children prepare to sit their first national exams in 2017.



We wish them, and all the teaching staff, good luck as they pick up their new roles and responsibilities and embark on another new school year.

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