Fashion and Fundraising: A Winning Combination for ACE!

After six months of planning and preparation, last Thursday evening, the doors of our local Town Hall here in St. Helens, opened for a Colours Fun(d)raising Fashion Show in aid of ACE. Colours Fashion Shows are informal, enjoyable and fun. There are lots of bargains to be had and, following the show, the opportunity to try on clothing and purchase items.  

Fashion and Fundraising: A Winning Combination for ACE!shion and fundraising certainly proved a winning combination for ACE! The event was extremely well attended by nearly 200 women and we raised approximately £2,500 for the charity which was amazing. All of the money will go towards the cost of building another classroom at Arise School. It will enable a further 40 children to have the opportunity of an education.

So many people, individuals, organisations and local businesses, contributed to the success of the event in so many different ways, including selling tickets, donating raffle and tombola prizes and volunteering on the night. A huge “Thank You” to you all. Very importantly, we wish to thank our local Council for making it possible to hold the Fashion Show in the Town Hall – a beautiful and prestigious Victorian building – and the manager of our local branch of Lloyd’s Bank for his sponsorship and ongoing support of the work of ACE.

If you are interested in holding a Colours Fashion Show or organising any event in aid of ACE, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email us at or telephone: 01744 28535.

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