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Rotary Club of St. Helens Support of ACE

Following a presentation to its members in the early days of the charity in 2014, ACE has enjoyed tremendous support from its local Rotary Club in St. Helens. Over the years, we have received several very generous donations from the Club, including towards building classrooms, toilets and furniture. Their interest in the development of Arise School has been ongoing. Last week, we were invited as guests to update members on progress at the school. Following this, the Club posted the piece below on its Facebook page.

“Tonight Ron and Sue Hayes gave us an excellent presentation about Arise Community School in Tanzania. The presentation was called “From Dream to Reality”.

Africa’s Children in Education (ACE) believes that all children have the right to education as a route out of poverty. Sadly, this is still not the case for many children in the developing world. ACE is a small charity, registered in the U.K. in 2014. It evolved from the volunteering work undertaken in Tanzania and Kenya by its founders, Ron and Sue Hayes, where they worked with so many children who had little chance of fulfilling their potential because of the poverty in which they live.

Sue and Ron are pictured with Club President Ann and their host Derek Downey.

Other pictures are of the children at school in Tanzania.”

We would like to thank all the members of the Rotary Club of St. Helens for their great support of ACE over the years, for the very warm welcome we always receive from them and for all their very generous hospitality. They have helped us to do so much more than we ever thought would be possible to make the dream of Arise School becomes a reality. “Asante sana” from both ourselves and everyone at Arise.


Cronton C of E Pupils Raise a Staggering £2,084 for ACE!

Since early 2015, the pupils, families and staff of Cronton Church of England Primary School have been amazing in their support of ACE. They have engaged wholeheartedly in raising money to help build Arise School. In July, before breaking up for the school summer holiday, once again, the children set about fundraising for ACE.

Back in October 2017, through their Harvest collection, Cronton pupils raised the amazing amount of £720 towards the ACE Well Appeal. After listening to a presentation and learning that the well was now built, the children decided to support Arise School in its efforts to become self sustaining. They decided that they would like the proceeds of their new fundraising initiative to go towards purchasing goats. The goats would provide milk for the pupils at Arise with any surplus being sold locally.

A sponsored Family Fun Run around the school playing field was planned for Friday, 13th July. Both pupils and their parents were encouraged to be active by taking part in a mass warm up at the start and then either walking or running round the playing field for half an hour. Fancy dress was optional. As always, Mrs Thomson, the Headteacher, fully embraced the occasion by dressing as a banana!

Unfortunately, after all the good weather this year, it rained immediately prior to the event and the field was too wet. Instead, the children spent the morning enthusiastically exercising in the school hall. By lunchtime, the rain had dried up and, undaunted by all their morning activity, the Fun Run took place, as originally planned. The children put their hearts and souls into it. They must have been exhausted by the end of the day.

In addition, Year 5 pupils organised a stall selling refreshments and crafts. This proved very popular and raised a fantastic £135 towards the staggering total of £2,084! We were overwhelmed to learn the final result.

A massive “Thank You” to all of the children, their families and the staff for their brilliant efforts to raise such a fabulous amount. Yet again, you have come up trumps and made it possible for ACE to do so much more for the children of Arise School

“One Step at a Time”

Since the charity started, a small number of young people have been enabled to access higher education or secondary school. Their family circumstances have all been such that, without the ongoing support of individual sponsors, they would have been denied this opportunity.

We recently learned from Arise School that one young man, Prosper, has now successfully completed his secondary education to the equivalent of GCSE in the UK. We received the following from the school to mark Prosper’s graduation from secondary school:

“We would like to congratulate Prosper on his form four graduation. We understand that it wasn’t easy but you’ve made it and we know that more years of success are ahead of you. Our greatest desire is that you keep up the spirit.

Today you walk amongst your peers, your classmates, and your friends to receive your O-Level graduation certificate that you’ve worked so hard to earn your whole life. Today is the day you graduate O-Level secondary education. Everyone that surrounds you is most definitely proud of you. And, after having seen everything that went into your education, we especially are so proud of you.

School can sometimes seem difficult. It’s filled with all-nighters, rigorous classes, hard work, and dedication. There were times you probably considered dropping out. We commend you for sticking to your education and completing your O-Level secondary education. This is one of your many milestones in life.

You have so many possibilities in front of you. Remember your worth; you’re a valuable person. Enjoy your life and the opportunities presented to you. Congratulations Prosper.”

On behalf of ACE and, in particular, his sponsors, we also offer Prosper many congratulations on his achievement and every success for the future. Very well done!

Inspired to Fundraise for Arise

It is always good to receive a blog, especially from first time visitors to Arise School with their initial impressions. Inspired by her visit, on her return to the UK, Marie set about fundraising for ACE. Marie has since sent us the piece below with photos from her visit.

“June and I were in Tanzania with the primary aim of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro but with both of us having worked as teachers back home, we wanted to have the opportunity to visit a school to use our experience to educate pupils back home on what life is like for students in this part of the world.

Following our summit of Kilimanjaro, we were lucky enough to visit Arise school in the foothills of the mountain.  Having previously visited schools in Zanzibar, I was very impressed by both the setup of the school and the quality of the education the students were receiving.

The school is well organised and provides a really great opportunity for the pupils who attend.  We were welcomed by both students and staff and were treated to a welcome song performed by the pupils and the opportunity to visit and support in lessons.

I was incredibly impressed overall but what hit me most was hearing the stories about some of the poorest students who had been given the opportunity to attend the school and get an education by the sponsorship and money donated to ACE by those back home.  The money donated to help expand the school and give the pupils the education they otherwise wouldn’t have access to really does make a difference.

Since returning, I have been inspired to fundraise for the school and look forward to following its progress.”

Marie has raised over £200 for the charity. It will go to help Arise School further its journey towards self sustainability. A big “asante sana”, Marie. As a small charity, it means so much when people like yourself take the initiative to fundraise for us.

Arise Community School: “Quality Education for Children and the Community”

One of the aims of Arise since its outset has been that it should work closely with parents and the community as a whole to provide quality education both for the children and the community, fostering and developing good relationships between students, staff, parents and community members in order to achieve this.

To this end, in the last couple of years, both teaching and non teaching staff have participated in training and attended workshops to equip and empower them to become better educators and to create a safe and friendly environment in which the children’s needs can be met.

The weekend of 3rd – 5th August saw another exciting step forward – a three day seminar for students, parents and teachers. On Friday 3rd August, a seminar was held for the oldest pupils in Classes Three to Five. They were taught about their rights as children, how to set goals and work to achieve them by believing and dreaming big and, of course, by studying hard!

On Saturday the 4th August, a seminar for parents provided the opportunity for them to learn how to motivate and encourage their children to attend school and how to create a friendly and supportive environment for their learning at home. Discipline issues were also addressed. Mr. Willbroad Prosper, Guest Speaker from the Family Hope Foundation in Dar es Salaam, a specialist on family matters and a key player in educational and family issues in Tanzania, was very well received. Parents not only really enjoyed the seminar, they requested another be arranged on good parenting in order to help them improve the lives of their children!

The climax of the event was reached on the Sunday when sessions were held for the staff. Topics covered included safeguarding and child protection, child neglect and exploitation, domestic violence and other crimes against children. The final session addressed issues of discipline and classroom management, in particular, learning how to change from the traditional approach in Tanzania, based on fear, threats, humiliation and physical punishment, into a child friendly and non-discriminatory one that supports cooperative learning. (N.B. Physical punishment has never been permitted at Arise School but is still lawful and very prevalent in many schools throughout Tanzania).

All three days included activities and games outside the classroom to enable the participants to gain a better understanding of the concepts that were taught in the classroom sessions, for example, the importance of team work and effective communication.

What another brilliant example of how Arise School is developing as a centre of excellence and how it is carrying out its mission to provide “Quality Education for Children and the Community”. Very well done to all concerned in making this initiative possible.