Learning to Care at Arise – new kids on the block!

When we posted the last blog, there were just 10 goats at Arise School. Now, just a couple of weeks later, there are 15!

Firstly, two of the goats gave birth to three young ones, including twins. The baby goats were up and standing within minutes of being born. Very soon they were attempting to walk around on their spindly legs and then drinking their mother’s milk. Within a day or two, they were hopping, leaping and playing with the other kids in the herd – true goats already!

The three new baby goats were welcomed into the world by the children. After a few days, the Arise pupils had an opportunity to spend time with them. They were so excited when they were told they could play with them. Although some of the children were a little bit afraid of them at first, they quickly learned how to tenderly care for them.

The children were encouraged to spend time with the baby goats to help them learn how to look after animals by being kind to them. In this way, they are not only able to learn how to handle, care and take responsibility for animals but they also learn how to develop compassion – an important part of a child’s development.

Secondly, we mentioned in the last blog that a donation had recently been received for two more goats to be purchased. The donation was made by one of our supporters in lieu of a wedding present to her cousin, who is also a supporter of ACE, and her new husband. It was a a lovely gesture. The two new goats arrived at the school last week and have been named Dotty and Jim after the newly married couple. We hope that Dotty and Jim quickly settle into the herd and their new life at Arise.


Arise Community School: Achieving Self Sustainability

Since Arise School first opened, it has been the aim that, eventually, it would become self sustaining in the local community – a school for “their children and their community”. Self reliance is the way forward. The school will no longer be reliant on outside help.

In the last few years, Arise has particularly focused on growing fruit and vegetables and animal keeping. Various long term projects have been initiated that, through much hard work, are now beginning to come to fruition. Additional land, not needed for classrooms and other school buildings, has been used to plant fruit trees, grow vegetables, keep animals and house chickens.

In the world of food, bananas are the rock stars! As the world’s fourth largest crop, almost every free spot at Arise has become a breeding ground for bananas! They are not only eaten as a fruit, the Arise pupils greatly enjoy banana stew for their lunch. On other days, they enjoy home grown beans, another Tanzanian food staple.

After the bananas have been harvested, the leaves can be used as food for the ten goats that the school now has. The other part of the plant is used as compost for growing vegetables. The vegetables peelings are used to feed the five pigs. Nothing is wasted!

Thanks to a very recent donation through ACE, the ten goats will soon become twelve. As goats are able to reproduce twice a year, it is hoped that the school goat herd will rapidly increase providing both milk and meat. Certainly, it’s amazing how quickly the number of chickens has grown since they were first introduced just a couple of years ago. The eggs provide much needed protein and vitamins to the children. Any surplus eggs or chicks are sold locally in the community.

In addition, these various projects provide learning opportunities for the Arise pupils as part of their studies. Recycling the water they wash their hands in for irrigation purposes helps them to understand the importance of water conservation from an early age; focusing on a live chicken for a science project makes it so much more real.

Just as Arise first started from small beginnings five year ago with one classroom and one teacher, these projects have also started from small beginnings. But, they are only the start. There is so much more to look forward to in the future. We very much hope that in another five years, Arise School will be well and truly self sustaining.

“Rock Choirs Raise An Amazing £870 for ACE”

One of our supporters is a member of the St Helens Rock Choir. She sent us the piece below:

“For anyone who is unfamiliar, Rock Choir is the pioneering, contemporary choir of the UK with over 20,000 members across the UK. The power of music, meeting new friends and performing at life changing events contribute to a seismic journey for the choir members.

Every year each group of choirs chooses a charity to put forward for fund raising. Our supporter proposed ACE. Her suggestion was accepted by the members of four choirs and fundraising took place during the last two weeks of March.

The four choirs joined together and performed a repertoire of songs at a wide range of venues, including Booths Supermarket, two churches and a High School Spring Fair. At the St Helens choir rehearsal, Sue came along, enjoyed a free performance and set up a stall of African crafts for members to buy. Choir members sang in their pyjamas to raise funds; luckily it was still dark at night!

One choir member is now sponsoring a child in the ABC class at Arise School and is delighted to receive news from ACE. Our choir leader, Laura, expressed her pleasure at being able to contribute to Arise School and the children’s education there. Having looked on the ACE website, Laura commented that they are lovely children and so happy.

The result of these very enjoyable fundraising events was a staggering £870.53 for the ACE account. Ron as Treasurer is a very happy man!”

A huge “Asante sana” (Thank you) to Laura, all the members of the four Rock Choirs concerned and our supporter for their brilliant efforts on behalf of ACE and Arise School. Their singing both raised such an amazing amount for the charity and was uplifting for all who listened to them.

Arise Pupils Take Part in Umitashunta for the First Time!

Ever since Arise School first opened, the children have loved the regular opportunities they have had to participate in sport. Much of this has been made possible by local schools here in the UK, in particular, Cronton C of E Primary School, who have donated sports kits and equipment enabling all of the pupils to take part.

This year, the Tanzanian government reintroduced Umitashunta. These are games and sports organised by the government for Primary Schools across the country. Some of the Arise students had the opportunity to take part in these activities for the first time.

All of the schools in Siha District where Arise is located, both private and government schools, came together to showcase their skills. The games included running, jumping football, netball, dancing and singing. Our Arise students took part in singing, running and football.

Although they were not successful in going through to the next round, the students gave it their all and enjoyed the experience. We are sure that next time the Arise students will build on this experience and improve their performance.

Who knows, perhaps with hard work and dedication, next time they will get to national level and become champions. Whichever way, we are proud of their efforts and hope they are, too. Well done, Arise!

Surprise, Surprise! A blog from Arise School

“It’s Easter break, not a long time for some but a really long time for others, especially when it comes to our students at Arise School. You might wonder why, so here is a little story for you…….

During the ongoing test sessions for first quarter break, one of our students, Audray, became ill and was sent to hospital for treatment. After she had seen the doctor and received the needed treatment, we suggested that she went home for a little rest. But guess what! Audray burst into tears in front of her parents and the doctor. They wondered what was wrong. Was she crying because she was in pain? No. Had something else happened to her? No.

Audray was crying because she wanted them to take her back to school! A few hours later, her parents called to ask if she could return. The doctor confirmed that she was okay and we allowed her to return. Her day was one of joy and laughter. She didn’t miss any of her tests and couldn’t tell if she had been sick or not.

This is the impact that a school can have on a child when it creates an environment that is friendly and supportive, one of learning and of building friendships. We celebrate to have the opportunity to create that kind of environment where a child feels safe and enjoys learning. We give them love, care, protection and education. Our aim is to give them something to smile about; a childhood to enjoy and to put hope into their hearts.

Supportive friendship found at Arise brings healing to so many children. You can see why a child would not want to miss a day at Arise. However, there are times when they do actually have to be with their parents, including during the holiday breaks!”

A ‘Royal Welcome’ at Arise!

Ron has just returned from Tanzania. Whilst there, a Dutch student, studying the use of water in Tanzaia, accompanied him on a visit to Arise School. She has since sent us the piece below with her impressions of the school.

“Have you ever imagined how it feels like to be part of the Queen’s delegation visiting a school? Well, last week, I had the honour of visiting ARISE School together with Ron and we experienced a royal welcome. The children, all lined up in the beautiful garden, had prepared the national anthem and a welcome song for us. I felt like a queen.

Afterwards, the director of the school gave us a tour, showing us the classrooms, the playing fields and the pieces of land on which food for the children will be cultivated. He explained to us how the planned borehole will be necessary for the irrigation of these lands. Well irrigated soil does not only function as a sustainable source for food of the children, but also a source of cash crops. These cash crops will help sustain the quality of the school.

The gardens of ARISE School feel like a safe oasis in a bare region. I hope that the school can continue giving this royal place to the children.”

ACE: Fundraising for Arise School – Forthcoming Events

Arise School has grown amazingly in the last few years as a result of money raised through ACE. This year, we need to raise enough money to furnish the last two classrooms, including 40 desks and chairs for each. Like all the other school furniture, these will be made locally generating work in the local community. We also need to build a second toilet block, with showers, to meet the rapidly growing number of children.

Our next fundraising event in aid of ACE is:

1. A Polish Story’: Friday, 27th April, 2018:

Below is a flyer about our next event, ‘A Polish Story’, to be held on Friday 27th, April at United Reform Church Hall, Higher Lane, Rainford, WA11 8AL.

Yvonne Taylor, a personal friend, will be telling the powerful story of her mother’s deportation from Soviet occupied Poland to hard labour in Siberia and, eventually, to a Polish life in Lancashire.

Tickets cost £5, including Polish Apple Cake, tea or coffee.  Numbers are limited so please purchase in advance: tel Sue 01744 28535, Liz 07810515332 or Yvonne 01744 883824. Details are also on the flyer.

Whilst we know that many of our supporters live at a distance and will not be able to join us, please forward this email and the flyer to anyone you think may like to attend.  If you would like to support the event and are unable to make it on the night, any donations would be greatly appreciated, including raffle prizes.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us either by

email: ACECharity@aol.com.

2. ACE Charity Fun Quiz: Saturday, 13th October, 2018:

By popular request, we will be holding our second Fun Quiz for the charity on Saturday, 13th October at Bishop Road Police Club, St. Helens, WA10 6SX. Last year’s event was a sell out and much enjoyed by all. Details to follow nearer the time but, meanwhile, please make sure the date is in your diary and keep the evening free.

Thank you for helping us to raise money for Arise School.