Arise Community School: “Quality Education for Children and the Community”

One of the aims of Arise since its outset has been that it should work closely with parents and the community as a whole to provide quality education both for the children and the community, fostering and developing good relationships between students, staff, parents and community members in order to achieve this.

To this end, in the last couple of years, both teaching and non teaching staff have participated in training and attended workshops to equip and empower them to become better educators and to create a safe and friendly environment in which the children’s needs can be met.

The weekend of 3rd – 5th August saw another exciting step forward – a three day seminar for students, parents and teachers. On Friday 3rd August, a seminar was held for the oldest pupils in Classes Three to Five. They were taught about their rights as children, how to set goals and work to achieve them by believing and dreaming big and, of course, by studying hard!

On Saturday the 4th August, a seminar for parents provided the opportunity for them to learn how to motivate and encourage their children to attend school and how to create a friendly and supportive environment for their learning at home. Discipline issues were also addressed. Mr. Willbroad Prosper, Guest Speaker from the Family Hope Foundation in Dar es Salaam, a specialist on family matters and a key player in educational and family issues in Tanzania, was very well received. Parents not only really enjoyed the seminar, they requested another be arranged on good parenting in order to help them improve the lives of their children!

The climax of the event was reached on the Sunday when sessions were held for the staff. Topics covered included safeguarding and child protection, child neglect and exploitation, domestic violence and other crimes against children. The final session addressed issues of discipline and classroom management, in particular, learning how to change from the traditional approach in Tanzania, based on fear, threats, humiliation and physical punishment, into a child friendly and non-discriminatory one that supports cooperative learning. (N.B. Physical punishment has never been permitted at Arise School but is still lawful and very prevalent in many schools throughout Tanzania).

All three days included activities and games outside the classroom to enable the participants to gain a better understanding of the concepts that were taught in the classroom sessions, for example, the importance of team work and effective communication.

What another brilliant example of how Arise School is developing as a centre of excellence and how it is carrying out its mission to provide “Quality Education for Children and the Community”. Very well done to all concerned in making this initiative possible.


New Homes For Two Families After The Rains

This year, the rains in Tanzania have been particularly heavy. On our trip to Arise School in May, roads had been transformed into streams and low lying land into small lakes. We were told that the homes of two of the children supported through the ACE Sponsorship Scheme had been washed away.

Some of you may remember that a few years ago, we received a totally unexpected donation to build the school kitchen. This was from a retired couple who live locally to us in Billinge but wish to remain anonymous. They also made a further donation last year to enable the kitchen to be extended to meet the needs of the growing number of pupils at Arise.

When we returned home, we had yet another amazing offer from them. On learning of the situation, they wanted to give the necessary funds to build new houses for both families concerned!

Money was transferred to the school immediately and work began. The houses were to consist of two rooms plus an outside toilet. Within a month the work was completed.

Whilst back in Tanzania in the last two weeks, Ron was taken to meet the families. Both are already settling into their new homes. To say that they were delighted would be an understatement!

Even though they have nothing, as is typical in Tanzania, both families gave him gifts…… eggs, beans and sweetcorn, together with a flower garland.

What another brilliant example of how, through ACE, this retired couple are making such a very real difference, not only to the school but also to the local community. We cannot thank them enough for their tremendous generosity and kindness.

“Kicking the States” in aid of ACE!

Those of you who follow our blogs will remember Bex and Gil, two intrepid ACE volunteers who undertook “Scoot the Loop” – an amazing challenge which involved them traveling round the M25 loop on kick scooters to raise money for ACE. Unbelievably, they are now in the throes of an even bigger challenge in aid of the charity. Bex writes:

“Seven weeks ago we set off from downtown Vancouver, Canada, on our kick scooters. Our panniers were heavy with our camping gear and our stomachs were knotted with nerves at the thought of the task ahead. I kept having the same thought….are we mad?!

Taking action:

After visiting Arise 2 years ago, we left with mixed emotions as anyone who has visited Tanzania will understand. We felt deeply saddened by the situation that the children live in. But, also, we were inspired by the school and the wonderful people that live in the village. We knew we had to take action. We wanted to take the experience and do something positive with it by taking on a challenge that could help raise much needed funds for the school. The bigger and bolder the challenge, the more we could raise…and so the idea for “Kicking the States” came about.

The challenge:

Over a 3 month period, we would attempt to kick-scoot the full length of the USA from Vancouver, Canada all the way to Tijuana, Mexico. We will be completing this 1,500+ mile journey using our leg muscles alone (there are no motors!). As far as we know, no one has ever done a journey this long on a kick scooter before. We will be completely self-supported, carrying all our own gear and working out the logistics as we go.

Now do you understand why we were nervous?

Ups and downs:

The scoot has been a complete rollercoaster. As we anticipated, it has been a huge physical challenge. Each day we cover an average of 50km and every night we sleep somewhere different – sometimes camping or sometimes staying with people who have offered to host us. The trick is to take each day as it comes and to break down the distances in to small manageable chunks.

We’ve had some scary moments including a run in with a bear, someone threatening to shoot us in the night and, also, nearly being crushed by a falling redwood tree. But we’ve also had some truly amazing moments too….mostly the people we have met along the way. Strangers have shown us the most incredible generosity, helping us with food or accommodation and donating generously to our fundraising efforts. Those moments, and remembering the faces of the children at Arise, can get us through even the toughest of days.

Reaching halfway:

This week we passed the halfway mark of our adventure which felt like a huge moment. Leaving Vancouver on day one feels like a lifetime ago, as do the nerves that we experienced that day. Each day we grow with confidence and now just look forward in anticipation at what awaits us on the second half of this trip. Who knows what stories we have lying around the corner!

Please do follow our journey and show your support by donating. Go to –

Ride East Africa – Rwanda, 16 – 23 March, 2019:

A Challenge in Aid of ACE!

ACE has been invited to join Charity Links, a UK registered grant awarding charity, as part of a thrilling mountain bike challenge in aid of the charity and three others.

The ride starts in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, and is through some of Africa’s most beguiling landscapes. Whilst the week long ride in the “Land of a Thousand Hills” will test your fitness, you will have incredible views and experiences, form lasting friendships with other team members and bring home enduring memories of this beautiful country which neighbours on Tanzania. And, of course, you will also be working as part of the whole team to raise funds for ACE.

To find out more about this great opportunity, please contact us at: and we will email you the brochure with all you need to know.

For a flavour of the 2017 trip log on to

The booking page has just opened. To be sure of your place, complete the booking form at:

Newsflash: The Well is Built at Arise!

Last September, we launched our ACE Well Appeal. We wanted to raise £12,000 for the construction of a well and the purchase of an irrigation system at Arise School. A well would enable the school to progress its journey towards self sustainability – a self sufficient school for the community. It would secure the future of Arise School and the education of their children.

For a small charity like ACE, this was a huge amount of money to raise. We anticipated that it might take a couple of years. Yet, with the generous support of so many of you, the well has now been built!

From Arise, the water (snow) on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is clearly visible. However, to reach the water under the mountain, it was necessary to drill down 104 metres. In spite of this, the construction task, made even more difficult because of the unusually heavy rains this year, has already been achieved!

The water is currently being analysed to ascertain whether it can be used for drinking as well as for irrigation. Irrespective of the outcome of the analysis, work is already underway to irrigate the land adjacent to the school. Crops will be grown to supplement the children’s diet. Any surplus will be sold locally to bring in income to achieve the school’s long term aim of self sustainability.

The well is a huge step forward. Both the school and the charity are entering a new stage in their development and their respective journeys towards the eventual aim they share. It has been achieved much sooner than expected and would not have been possible without the overwhelming response we have had to the Well Appeal. On behalf of Arise School and ACE, a huge “Thank You” to everyone who has contributed in whatever way to making this possible.

St Helens Rotary Supports Arise School!

Since ACE was registered as a charity, we have received tremendous support from the Rotary Club of St. Helens. Only a week ago, we were delighted to learn from Paul Winstanley, Team Leader New Generations (Youth) and Colin Ince, Team Leader World Community Service from the St.Helens Rotary, that an application had been made by St Helens Rotary to Rotary International. The good news was that the application had been successful and Arise School was to receive text books to the value of £1,000!

Text books in Tanzania are expensive and tend to be few and far between at Arise as in most Tanzanian schools. Within two days, a list of much needed curriculum related text books, including Maths, Science and Technology and Reading books, had been received from Arise.

With Paul’s and Colin’s support, the money for the books was swiftly transferred, via ACE, to the school. The next school day, a shopping trip was undertaken to the local town to purchase the books. Delighted pupils from Class 3 excitedly helped to open the many boxes and posed for photos with the brand new books.

The books are particularly timely as the next group of children are now working hard in preparation to sit their national exams in November. What a boost to their studies and, also, for the staff in the absence of sufficient text books, until now, the teachers have become used to preparing and copying worksheets for the children.

The grant is especially important as it comes at a point when the focus is on assuring the overall educational standard of Arise. A huge “Asante Sana” (Thank you) to both Rotary International and the Rotary Club of St Helens from all the children and staff at Arise School and from ourselves at ACE for helping to make such a big difference in the children’s studies by awarding this grant and for all their ongoing support.

Learning to Care at Arise – new kids on the block!

When we posted the last blog, there were just 10 goats at Arise School. Now, just a couple of weeks later, there are 15!

Firstly, two of the goats gave birth to three young ones, including twins. The baby goats were up and standing within minutes of being born. Very soon they were attempting to walk around on their spindly legs and then drinking their mother’s milk. Within a day or two, they were hopping, leaping and playing with the other kids in the herd – true goats already!

The three new baby goats were welcomed into the world by the children. After a few days, the Arise pupils had an opportunity to spend time with them. They were so excited when they were told they could play with them. Although some of the children were a little bit afraid of them at first, they quickly learned how to tenderly care for them.

The children were encouraged to spend time with the baby goats to help them learn how to look after animals by being kind to them. In this way, they are not only able to learn how to handle, care and take responsibility for animals but they also learn how to develop compassion – an important part of a child’s development.

Secondly, we mentioned in the last blog that a donation had recently been received for two more goats to be purchased. The donation was made by one of our supporters in lieu of a wedding present to her cousin, who is also a supporter of ACE, and her new husband. It was a a lovely gesture. The two new goats arrived at the school last week and have been named Dotty and Jim after the newly married couple. We hope that Dotty and Jim quickly settle into the herd and their new life at Arise.